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  • Hazel dresses all around

    Sorry for the very long hiatus, I've been quite busy with the usual cooking, sewing, crafting situation. Unfortunately I have not been so busy taking photographs of everything or sitting down to write about it, I'm going to make a lame excuse and say it's my extremely hot laptops fault.

    I had the pleasure of taking a class in late June with the super talented Virginia at Gather Here, a wonderful stitch lounge here in Cambridge, we learned how to make the Colette Hazel dress. This was my third Colette pattern, I also made the Peony (which sadly no longer fits) as well as the free Sorbetto top which you've seen on the blog. This dress came together in just two sessions with minimal homework, it was really great to make a muslin, learn to adjust our patterns, and then get a truly perfect fit. I definitely messed up and made some 1/2 inch seam allowances when sewing on my own but nothing a good washing and drying couldn't solve.

    Here is my first take, I got this great striped woven blue cotton at my other favorite sewing spot, Grey's Fabric, in the South End, go visit Sarah and you might have the pleasure of meeting her adorable Greyhound pup as well. I really like the color of this dress and it's so comfy and breathable for summer, the pattern is tough to see in the photos but it has a nice chevron-ish effect on the bodice. I didn't make any changes to the pattern for this one, unlike cooking, I try to be cautious and stick to the script exactly the first time around.


    Can someone please tell me stop wearing hair ties on my wrist? 

    Second time around I was making this really bright floral version. I knew that I wanted to make a thinner strap, I felt a bit overwhelmed by the thick strap on my first Hazel, but I can see the draw, as it allows for a regular bra. I used grosgrain ribbon for the straps, and added in some teal piping along the bodice that I happened to have lying around which matched perfectly. Also I chose to line the bodice fully versus creating a facing, it really wasn't any more work and I do like how it lies flat and requires less time when ironing in the morning. Last, I decided to cut out my skirt one size smaller on my second dress, I wanted a slightly slimmer silhouette for this print and felt there was enough room in the hip on my first version that it would all work out.



    Both times I wore my favorite summer wedges (Toms, check out all those fun colors!) with my Hazels, they are the most comfortable heels I've ever owned. I highly recommend you buy a pair, I am not someone who swears by the regular Toms, I actually just gave my sister in law my pair because I don't find them comfortable, but these wedges I can totally get down with.



    I promise to not be so quiet in the next few weeks. Expect a homemade Sriracha post soon, everyone needs to make something so hot it sends them into a coughing fit as they stir.