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  • Two new favorite patterns

    Things have been awesomely busy around these parts, lots of fun design projects going on, including a lot of fun wedding stuff for friends, I'll have to photograph some printed pieces soon. But first things first.

    This is my new favorite dress pattern, as well as some of my favorite patterned fabric. I bought the remaining 3 and 1/2 yards from a discount fabric store for around $4 and at first I kept whining because it's totally synthetic (polyester of some sort) and that's a big pet peeve of mine but in the end it was pretty easy to sew with, I don't have to dry clean it, and it ALMOST looks like silk!

    Sarah over at Grey's Fabric shared this pattern with me and luckily (only for me really) our measurements are so close that the only adjustments I made were to the straps since per usual, my torso is rather short. It's just two pattern pieces and an invisible zipper, the toughest part for me was actually the hem which is far from perfect since it turned out to be a little bit on the short side.

    I'm planning to dress it up with the patent leather pumps in the photo. I actually own those Jessica Simpson pumps in three different colors, they are my favorite, none of those pesky stripper platforms and the toe is a nice almond shape. Since it's a bit on the short side I'm going to wear flats and a grey cardigan tomorrow and see if it could work for the office.

    Overall it's definitely a keeper though, start to finish it took me around 4 hours and the second time around will be even quicker.