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  • Real Simple Review

    Real Simple is the only magazine I actually subscribe to, and by subscribe, I mean that "Santa" (my mom) brings me a subscription in my stocking every year. I try to cook one new recipe each week, this weeks comes from my old standby, the quick dinner section in Real Simple. You can find it here.

    I went off book a bit and they turned out wonderfully and I think probably came in a bit lower in the calorie department. We don't mess around with any sort of pre-made pizza sauces so I topped these using a can of fire roasted tomatoes. They are super delicious when you don't have time for fresh sauce and don't need added nonsense from canned pizza sauce. I still avoid cow dairy so instead of the mozzarella I just sprinkled some sheep's milk romano on the sauce before baking,

    This wasn't my first time at the rodeo in regards to eggs on pizza so I pulled from previous experience and didn't trust that the yolks wouldn't cook too much if placed directly on the pizzas. Instead I fried an egg in the cast iron skillet and placed it on each pizza once done, I definitely recommend you go this route if you like a runny yolk and/or if you will have any leftover individual pizzas since undercooked eggs aren't exactly safe to keep and eat the next day.

    I also found that they were done after 15 minutes total, rotating the cookie sheets between the two oven shelves halfway through baking time.

    Besides the colors clearly being adjusted in the magazine, these pizzas came out pretty much on par with the pictures, considering this was just on my phone. Also clearly we were super healthy and skipped the salads, but I had a big salad for lunch so that still counts.

    Overall recipe score: 10

    It fit all of our weeknight dinners requirements:
    • Quick
    • Simple prep
    • Delicious
    • Meatless for Mondays (I never know if eggs count on meatless Mondays, but it's not called vegan Monday so I assume that's okay, plus vegan Monday doesn't sound nearly as trendy and fun)