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  • A cookbook, heavy on the eggs and bacon.

    Let's say I made a cookbook, would you want to buy it? Perhaps during the upcoming holiday season?


    This past weekend I attended one of my oldest friends bridal showers, (one day soon I will post about some of the awesome invitations and save the dates that we made for her wedding), but I've yet to be SO excited a shower gift!

    Of course I bought them a cast iron skillet as well, it's my second favorite pan after all! But more importantly I made her a cookbook with several recipes for aforementioned skillet. Over the past few months I had been thinking about when I first started cooking for myself and how daunting a task it seemed. I started collecting recipes, remaking and documenting some of our regulars and asking a few friends about what they like to eat and make. All in all I couldn't have been more happy with the outcome. 80 pages of food that I love to eat and share that can now bring joy to a two soon to be newlyweds.



    My personal favorite sections are of course, breakfast for dinner and pantry staples. Nothing a little homemade sriracha and aioli can't fix!



    I'm in the process of reworking the intro section and cover so that it's no longer wedding themed, but it will be on sale mid November and will include a digital download just in case you stain some pages along your cooking journey.