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  • Trick or Treat!

    Happy Halloween you guys. This is the first year that I fully made my costume since the days of Oaklawn Elementary School when I dressed up as Cleopatra (complete with cardboard bejeweled neck piece).

    Tony & I dressed up as Suzy & Sam this year. From the moment when we first saw them in Moonrise Kingdom I knew that was going to be my costume, I may even wear the dress I made in regular life. I sewed my dress, embroidered patches for Tony's camp shirt, added the yellow piping, made his bandana and found the rest of the stuff around the house.

    We went to a halloween party on Saturday where two of my most favorite people got engaged! Best costume party ever! So we put our costumes back on tonight, handed out some candy, and took a swing by Gather Here to check out their party. Hope everyone had a safe and less stormy evening.