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  • Ringing in the new year with Simplicity 2444

    Happy 2013! My first post of the year is probably the one that I'm most excited about. Back in the summer when I was finishing up wedding invitations for a friends New Year's Eve wedding I half jokingly said I wanted to sew my own dress for the event. I can rarely find a fancy dress that doesn't require costly alterations and thought it would be a fun long term goal.

    Needless to say, I'm really proud of myself for following through.

    It was by far the most challenging project I've made to date, and not because of the pattern which is in fact quite simple {Simplicity 2444-can be seen here} but because of the fabric that I decided to use.

    I bought this beautiful brocade from the Silk Road, which is sadly now closed. Every time I cut it it decided to fray into endless little trails of shimmery copper and navy. Many thanks to Virginia at Gather Here who taught me how to use a serger. Once I had all my pattern pieces cut out, I serged all the edges and it made a huge difference in terms of fraying, I was finally able to see what I was doing again.

    I made my usual adjustments to the pattern, shortened the bodice, hemmed it quite a bit more than the instructions called for and added a simple v  in the back. Otherwise this style dress is pretty much my favorite shape for my body type, I've already cut out a second version in Lizzy House violet star charts.

    We were really lazy about taking photos during the actual wedding, we were way too busy dancing and having a great time. I always enjoy being more present at events versus stuck behing a camera, but then I regret not having all the documentation. I need to find a better balance. Here are a few gems from the hotel room we shared with one of my best friends and the super fun photobooth.

    This picture is pretty much how I imagine Steph and I still looking and acting when we are little old italian ladies together, fixing makeup and probably talking about eating a snack before the reception.


    Dress: Self made, Shoes: Vince Camuto in light champagne, Tights:  gold sparkly fishnets by Kate Spade, belt: Nordstrom, Necklace: RTR Kate Spade, Jacket: Old Forever 21, Lipstick: My favorite Mac Ruby Woo

    Since it had been lightly snowing and I knew my hair would not ever hold a curl, I  gave myself a fancy chignon updo for the evening thanks to this video, warning: it's totally in French.