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  • It's Easter prep time

    Good evening! Man this weekend went by way too fast, and it's officially one week until I host Easter here at the Luonch Ranch. If anyone else out there has an upcoming dinner, below is how I like the two weeks before any event to play out.

    Two weeks ahead:
    Plan menu 
    Design any stationary that may be needed during the dinner party 

    One week ahead:
    Create a schedule (I like to make a google doc so I always have access)
    Make my shopping list, include all different necessary shops 

    Pick up any speciality shop items that won't spoil
    Pick out and label serving pieces with post-it's so that it's easy for someone to help you with setup
    Color Easter Eggs 

    Pick up lamb
    Pick up clams as late in the day as possible
    Prep as much as possible!
    Chop veggies
    Make salad dressing, chutney & gremolata
    Make Soup
    Set the table 

    Prep lamb in the morning so the herb rub can really soak in
    Reheat soup
    Cook everything and take note of how smoothly everything will run since you prepped so much!
    Arrange and dress salad immediately before serving 

    I don't want to give away our full menu, but here's a little taste. I'm really looking forward to spending the day with my family, especially Lorenzo, we might even try to get a little ice skating time in!