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  • What we ate this week

    I've been keeping things a little bit more casual as far as meal planning goes and just buying meat and produce that's on sale. So instead of giving you my meal plan for the week, I'll give you a run down of what we actually ate. 

    Monday: Asian inspired sloppy joe's with a cabbage slaw in a sesame lime vinagrette

    This was the only meal we had planned for the week as it was in the last issue of Real Simple, and I'm so glad I had made the sandwich filling on Sunday because coming home from work Monday was treacherous and having something ready made it much more manageble. 

    Tuesday: This was, to put it very mildly, a weird day. I'm not going to get into it because I myself have been so overwhelmed by all of the emotions and press from the week, but needless to say I was desperately in need of some comfort food. I finally ventured outside to pick up some bacon and proceeded to make my most delicious BLT to date, it included roasted tomatoes, arugala, aioli & Iggy's bread.

    Wednesday: Eggs. It wouldn't be a normal week without them. Multigrain english muffin, avocado, tomatoes, bacon & Sriracha. I feel like this could be the recipe to get Hilary on board with a runny yolk.

    Thursday: In the morning I popped in to Courthouse and grabbed some flounder. Roasted tomatoes accompanied it along with garlic shrimp. I quickly pulsed some leftover bread with olive oil, spread spicy mustard on the filets, topped them with the bread crumbs and roasted them in the oven which was already hot from the tomatoes.

    Guys, I might be taking a page out of Jennifer Aniston's lunch book and eating the same salad for approximately 10 years {I swear, she did!}. We roasted some chicken breasts Monday evening to eat in lunches and I proceeded to eat this for the majority of the week. Friday is saved for Mei Mei.

    Arugala, grape tomatoes, avocado, chicken, all tossed with Goddess dressing, duh!