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  • Lizzy House Catnap Contest!

    It's been a long time, and I have in fact made lots of things! They just haven't been photographed since the polar vortex took over and I've been hybernating.

    You have a couple new garments to look forward to once it thaws, including a knockoff J. Crew fluted skirt, a black renfrew hack dress, and soon another Belladone with a way better fitting bodice. But on to important news...

    I finished my Lizzyhouse Catnap dress entry, and though I don't have high hopes for winning the solo contest, I'm feeling pretty excited about entering with the lovely ladies at Gather Here. I already saw Carla's dress and it's wonderful (and strapless!)

    I used the Deer & Doe Belladone, and I absolutely love the look of the dress, however, I had some major pattern fitting issues. Thankfully, I think I know what to change for my next version. My bust measurement was spot on for the 38, so I cut the bodice in a size 38, graded the waist out about a half inch, which I ended up taking back in, and cut the skirt in a 42 with the waist graded up to the 38. But none of that can account for all the issues I had with the back and neckline.

    I chose the Kitty Dreams in white fabric, and originally had plans to make the entire dress out of it, but then a happy accident happened. Gather Here was still waiting for more of the white to come in, so I changed my plan and used some aubergine cotton linen (I think?) blend for the skirt. It drapes really well, and it feels like it could take me from summer into fall. I had just barely enough for the skirt, luckily I did the cute kitty pocket facings. 

    Pros: Love the pockets, the pleats in the skirt, and the overall ease of construction. I cut, adjusted and finished this dress in around 6 hours. The skirt didn't need to be shortened very much (beware if you are tall, I only did a 1.25 inch hem).

    Cons: The back didn't lay flat, but it didn't seem like the bodice was too long. I ended up adding two darts below the top upper back pieces, so for my next version I'll slash that pattern pieces and take out the excess. And I needed to overlap the upper back pieces quite a bit, around 1.5 inches, so that needs to be adjusted. I think the front neckline needs to be slashed as well, there's excess in there. I also don't love the suggested neck bias binding, I think I'll draft a facing for my next version, it just doesn't want to lay flat and I have a tough time wearing bias binding and not feeling crafty. I think it would fit a lot better if that piece had a closure so that it didn't have to be large enough for your head to fit through, that seems overly ambitious though.

    I'm really excited to give it a second go, it's a pattern I can see myself wearing all spring and summer! I already have fabric picked out for a second, it's going to be a bit of a Madewell knockoff.