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  • Sorbetto Top #1

    {Top, Self made :: Jeans, Old American Eagle :: Shoes. Urban Outfitters :: Ray-bans to hide my smudgey day old mascara}

    These photos are what happens when TL tells me to show off my dance moves in our yard. It's official. I've begun making clothes! While the bf was in Vietnam I made a simple A-line skirt with an exposed back zipper. I will have to let him photograph it the next time I wear it, we lack a full length mirror so self portraits were pretty tough while he was out of town.

    This weekend I tackled my first top. I made this free pattern by Colette. It's a simple sleeveless top with a center box pleat, the arms and neckline are finished with bias tape, which is still the bane of my existence. I love how it looks but I absolutely hate making it, and using a pre-made solid bias tape is {in my opinion} the quickest way to look just a touch too crafty mom-ish.



    I used a cotton quilting weight fabric that I had lying around from at least a year ago, I thought the floral was cute and I was sort of thinking of this top as if it were a muslin for the second silk version I began this evening. I wanted the fit to work with, and without a belt. I ended up doing some adjusting in the bust because the armholes were a bit too big, but otherwise the 6 was a perfect fit! It's so great to be able to make tops that are the appropriate length for my petite torso.


    The second version is about half done, I'm using 100% silk fabric, it's solid navy with a tiny silver silkscreened umbrella print. I'm definitely not ready to tackle french seams so I'm very slowly making bias tape and using that to finish the top. It's taking a lot of precision and the seams were beginning to pucker so it's officially break time.



    This evenings dinner for one was awesome. Pasta with crispy bacon, peas, a touch of garlic & lemon juice topped with a sprinkling of romano and a soft boiled egg.

    This was super easy, something I just threw together with ingredients that I always have on hand. Give it a shot, nothing requires precise measurements or cooking times, it's pretty quick and it only requires 2 pots. I made about 4 servings (3 if you're extra hungry like I was tonight)

    1. In the first pot boil water and get your pasta going, set the timer for 5 minutes (I made half a box)

    2. In a dutch oven or other heavy bottomed pot throw in a touch of olive oil, one smashed clove of garlic and the chopped bacon (3 thick slices chopped into 1/4 inch stripes), stirring occasionally until the bacon is done, once it's crisped up turn off the burner.

    3. When the first 5 minutes are up, put the egg into the same pot as the pasta so it can cook for 5 more minutes, 5 minutes will be soft boiled, you know the drill...if you need your yolk cooked (because you are crazy...), just throw the egg in at the same time as the pasta and the yolk will firm up.

    4. When the pasta is done first remove the egg, run it under cold water and set it aside, then drain the pasta.

    5. Turn the bacon back on medium, add in a generous bunch of peas and the lemon juice and stir to combine.

    6. Add your pasta to the "sauce", season with salt and pepper and serve with a bit of cheese on top and the egg. YOU'RE WELCOME!

    I am so ready for TL to be back to take some fancy food photos for me. I'm pretty sick of my shakey iphone shenanigans, I'm sure you are too.

  • Newport Creamery throwback

    Tonight's dinner for one was pretty epic. Fellow Rhode Islanders, did you ever order a patty melt from Newport Creamery? I used to love them as a kid so tonight I made a sandwich that sort of reminded me of it.

    Grilled Applegate farms turkey burger with some garlic aioli and roasted tomatoes on toasty sour dough. It was a  pretty amazing combination, it reminded me that I would much rather eat a burger on toast versus a bun. I like that it's a 50/50 ratio of bread on top and bottom. Whoever invited buns and decided the bottom bun should be smaller is crazy.



  • Homemade local slush

    I was in search of a lemon slush tonight after work and our local bodega was all out of Ricky's which turned out to be quite the happy accident. The restaurant across the street now makes homemade slush in 5 flavors with 75% less sugar and none of the crazy colorings in the usual suspects. I got a small cherry and it was fantastic, it even had little pieces of real cherries in it, it's going to give Del's a run for it's money.

    Dinner tonight was my old standby, eggs, however, I ate my them before I photographed dinner, so imagine there were 2 over easy eggs next to those hash browns. I've recently discovered these little frozen hashbrowns that you pop in the oven at 450 and they taste like all the fried glory that is a Mcdonalds hash brown without the following bellyache. And yes I DO like to dip my hash browns in some real maple syrup, at least it's not jam on eggs.

  • Inside out

    I had a lovely dinner guest last night for the 2 hour Glee episode and so of course I forgot to take photos of our meal. We had baked eggs in ramekins with roasted tomatoes, basil and romano, followed by a watermelon salad I'll discuss later in this post. It needs its own moment!

    Tonight started off great, I've been doing more snacking throughout the afternoon so that I'm not ravenous for dinner when I get home. This opened up some time to actually attempt a third run. I got an email from the library saying my books had arrived that I put on hold so I decided to jog over to the main Cambridge library, and then walk back home. Don't judge me, but the books I had on hold were Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic books. Did you know Joss Whedon wrote 2 additional seasons after the TV show ended that are now comic books? AMAZING!

    It's 1.5 miles each way, took me around 40 minutes total! It helped that I was wearing these super cute new shoes, even one of the local, possibly homeless men on Cambridge street complimented me on their bright colors. As soon as I left the library I realized I had passed dozens of people running and spoken with 3 different library employees all while wearing my shirt inside out. Classy.

    Steak fajitas were on tonight's menu. Grilled skirt steak I marinated in a little bit of garlic and mexican spices then lime juice at the very end of cooking. Quick guac using fresh garden cilantro, garlic and lime juice. Rice, grilled onions & roasted red peppers. I was starving after my walk/run so I ate 2 fajitas far too quickly. They were super delicious though!

    Dessert tonight is leftover watermelon salad from last night. This is going to be my go-to picnic snack for this summer so if you invite me over for any sort of summer activity, prepare to eat this! Here's what you need:

    • Half a watermelon, chopped
    • generous handful of mint leaves, chopped
    • juice of one lime
    • a shot or 2 of tequila

    Mix it all up and you are SO welcome!


  • Thursday sandwich

    Just a quick post which almost didn't happen because I was ravenous as soon as I got home at 9pm.

    Tonight's dinner was not the healthiest, but also super simple. One whole wheat TJ's pita with salami and full fat organic mayo. I specify full fat because for me it's just so much more satisfying to eat 1  small serving of the real thing vs having the low fat version that has about 1/4 the flavor and crazy ingredients. It's pretty easy to forget how good real mayo tastes when you don't really eat it often.

    There was a second half of that sandwich that didn't quite make it to the photoshoot, too busy being eaten.

    I plan to follow this up with a red white and blue firecracker popsicle, one of my favorite dessert treats. I MIGHT have purchased a giant 24 box fr under $2 at Target. It's the perfect little 70 calorie sweet treat.


  • Dinner for 1-breakfast brushetta

    I've noticed a trend of bloggers discussing posting the good, the bad & the ugly and how we, the readers, often get caught up  in the illusion that bloggers are living these glorious, perfectly coiffed lives and eating only beautifully plated food while twirling in their handmade circle skirt. While generally I only choose to share food, outfits & crafts that turn out above average I thought it would be a great time to have some good old fashion honest food posts for the next couple weeks while I cook for 1.

    Starting this evening I'm going to (in theory) post every dinner that I make myself at home. Beware, a solid 90% of these meals will more than likely be breakfast for dinner. I don't think eating balanced meals needs to be anything crazy or complicated, and using the excuse that it's tough to cook for 1 is just not acceptable. I would love to hear about anyone's weeknight meals in the comments section. Also please judge my iPhone photography!

    On tonight's menu was something I'm calling breakfast brushetta. Please note I am not pronouncing it in that really exaggerated way that Giada does.

    Last night I made the boyfriend and I an easy one pot wonder, it was potatoes, green peppers, onions and some WF house made sweet Italian sausage drizzled with olive oil and roasted on 450 for about 35 minutes. Leftover sausage from this meal was the basis for this evenings dinner.

    You will need: 
    • Italian sausauge
    • Marinated roasted tomatoes from the Whole Foods antipasto bar (I dare you not to spend $9 at that bar)
    • Fresh basil
    • Leftover italian bread
    • 2 soft boiled eggs

    To make:
    1. Boil water for the eggs & heat up the broiler on high

    2. Drizzle the bread with a teaspoon of olive oil and put that into the broiler while you pop the 2 eggs in to cook (I do 5 minutes for soft boiled, but keep in mind I like a really runny yolk, so cook to your hearts desire) the bread however, will be golden in about 5 minutes so keep your eyes on that

    3. Chop up the tomatoes roughly and throw them in a cast iron skillet with the sausage to reheat

    4. Top the bread with the sausage/tomato mix, throw the basil on generously and pop the eggs on top.

    5. If you are obsessive like me, cut the yolk open and save the bite with the most "sauce" for the very end because it will be that delicious.

  • Alfresco dining has begun

    It may have been short lived, seeing as it's now gloomy and raining, but we spent early Saturday evening enjoying some outdoor appetizers before dinner with our friends.

    Some marinated olives, salami + provolone with breadsticks accompanied by local oysters with extra horseradish and cocktail sauce. We followed up our snacks and cocktails with the main course indoors. I added some squid and extra basil to this Giada recipe and it was quite delicious. Eating outside is one of my absolute favorite activities, we are going to string up some extra lights for this summer season so it feels even more cozy.


  • Post vacation outfits

    I know I had promised an update about what made it into the suitcase, I wish I had taken some photos but my suitcase was like a crazy game of Jenga when I finally arrived home. Let's just say it was a great idea to pack light...until I realized I love shopping and wanted to keep all my pretty original Italian packaging and shopping bags.

    My tote bag held all my toiletries, phone, kindle, chargers, medicine, and other little miscellaneous items so that my actual regulation sized carry on suitcase could just be clothes. It was busting at the seams by the time we made our way back to the airport, every spare inch of space was being used for souvenirs.

    Final cut
    Dark skinny jeans
    Green skinny jeans
    Black J.Crew Minnie pants (has anyone else noticed the price increase, glad I bought 2 pairs already)
    leggings (worn on the plane)

    3 dresses (only wore 1)

    3 long sleeve tops
    2 silk blouses (never even came out of the bag)
    1 white button up
    2 cardigans
    3 short sleeve tops
    4 basic tanks/Ts
    1 long cozy light sweater (worn on the plane)

    Pj pants
    1 extra bra
    2 pairs of socks (wish I packed more for all those tile floors)
    1 pair of tights (never worn)

    Small cross body leather bag

    Suede flats (never made it out of the bag)
    Nuetral metallic leather flats (worn on the plane and pretty much every day)

    Rolling clothes is the way to go, it saved me so much space and allowed me to bring options so that I didn't feel locked in to specific outfits. I also tried really hard to make sure everything mixed-and-matched. If you want help packing for a trip, I am SO down, it brings me actual joy to see a well packed bag. I'm hoping it was good practice for the spring and summer season and I can really hone my closet down so everything is comfortable, flattering and interchangeable!

    Now on to imporant business, to anyone local, how amazing was the weather on Monday and Tuesday? It was quite a shock to sit outside eating lunch and have to find shade so that I didn't get too much sun.

    {Dress: Anthropology, Early Spring ::  Suede flats :: Belt, H&M (I own this in 2 sizes, one for with pants, one smaller for natural waist wearing) :: Bright cream lipstick, Covergirl, Fairytale}

    I didn't realize just how windy it was Monday afternoon until it was almost too late...full skirts are a lot of work to hold down.


    {Eyelet dress, UO last summer :: Cardigan, J.Crew on sale :: Belt, Anthro, similar :: Shoes, Lillimill, ITALY! :: Necklace, old J.Crew factory :: metallic Longchamp bag}

    I'm sure our neighbors think I'm sort of crazy when we have these photoshoots but I'm getting a little better at ignoring people. We have also discovered that the light is pretty fantastic in the afternoon, and I'm SLIGHTLY less awkward than in the morning. However it also means I'm all shiny and have messy hair from walking home from the office, quite the trade off.

    I'll be back later this week with Italia photos.

  • Packing Fiasco-Part 1

    I bet you guys want to know what's actually fitting into that tiny bag for 12 days don't you?

    I leave for Italy on Sunday and started my packing endeavors this evening. My mom and I are going on this trip for her 60th birthday, it's been a whirlwind week for me so packing has repeatedly taken a back seat as I tried to finish up some other pressing tasks (read. awesome save the dates for my friends, downloading kindle books, yoga + picking out a birthday cake recipe for Sunday).

    Although I'm usually being cranky about trying to find petite clothing not meant for 80 year olds, for once my small size is coming in handy. I'm realizing my clothes roll up into tiny little spaces, this will come in very handy.  I refuse to check luggage, the last time I checked a bag was when I left to study abroad in London. It's 50% intense fear of lost luggage and 50% avoiding lugging around 65 pounds of stuff on cobblestones. I'll be bringing the regulation size carry on bag, as well as my Longchamp tote. The plan is clothes and shoes in the rolly bag, all other stuff in the tote.

    Is anyone else as obsessive as this for packing? If I don't write everything down, right to the very last bobby pin I will for sure leave something behind. This is also my general to-do list. LOTS left to tackle (including transferring notes into small moleskin) but I can't wait for the joy of seeing everything checked off.

    I'll be back on Sunday with a list of what makes the final cut. So far here's what I was able to fit comfortably.

    • 3 pairs of pants (including amazing new kelly green skinny jeans)
    • 3 dresses
    • 6 tops
    • 2 cardigans
    • 2 light sweaters
    • a couple light tanks and tees
    • cross body bag
    • sneakers
    • 1 pair of flats
    • my trusty curling iron for the non hair-washing days
    ABC Family is showing The Blind Side again so it's the perfect time for finishing up my crafts.